AZ 0361 Urinal Screen
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Product Information

  • Flexible design enable easy fit into urinals
  • Up to 30 days usage life
  • Water and heat activated fragrance delivery system
  • mWhen not in use, the product delivers minimum fragrance
  • It activated when flushing with water or urine on the urinal screen
  • Added anti-bacterial active ingredient
  • Anti-splashing spike design to prevent urine splash back and maintain cleaner floor
  • Anti slip design to keep the urinal screen in optimum position
  • Prevent trash such as cigarette butt clog the drainage system


  • Quantity : 72 units / Carton
  • CBM : 0.036 / carton
  • Carton Size : 565(L) x 417(W) x 155(H)
  • Gross Weight : ± 5.22 kgs


  • Colour Availability : Red – Sherwin, Blue – Pee Wee, Green – Orchard Blush, Orange – Tropical Mango, Yellow – Cool Lemonande
  • Product Dimensions : 165 Diameter

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